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The most famous luxury brands in the world have renewed their interest in exclusivity, gradually departing from the idea of ​​greater accessibility to the mass audience.

Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi have taken steps to strengthen their position by reducing the range of less expensive items. The Burberry brand, which grew 42 percent to nearly $ 6 billion, has eliminated some promotional prices for rainwear and leather goods.

All over the world, the biggest fashion houses, companies and designers are starting to move away from the casual versions of their collections and accessories. They begin to notice the increasing potential of a luxury customer who demands quality and uniqueness and is able to pay for it.

Due to the increased access to goods, ideas and ideas, the border in the visibility and possession of luxury goods began to blur. In our country, the boundaries between classes are blurring and even new social classes are beginning to form. We earn more and more money, so there is a need to emphasize our individuality and status.

Even casual or sports brands notice it, introducing limited editions to their collections created with the participation of the greatest designers. The best example of this is H&M, which, apart from the dubious quality of network goods, has put on temporary collections, including the not yet available Alexander Wang, Marni and Isabel Marant, and the Addidas Orginals brand, which has already proven its originality with a collection from LANA and such celebrities as Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Pharrell Williams. The brand is clearly starting to create a premium line aimed at customers looking for luxury, even in sports brands.

The newest and memorable child of this brand is a collaboration with the wingsandhorns brand, the collection of which is an illustration for this article. At the same time, this collection meets many requirements set for luxury products – unconventional idea, uniqueness and, which should be very emphasized, hand-made. It should be emphasized, because so far it has been the domain of only niche fashion brands or fashion houses.


Knit adidas Originals by wings+horns ‘Mon’ inspired by traditional Japanese family emblems.

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by Igor Strosin

Dane pochodzą z ranking na zlecenie WPP przygotowanego przez Instytut Millward Brown.

Photo Courtesy of Adidas and wingsandhorns