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We create trend reports for your brand, industry or any other purposes,

“Creative use of trends can give you any advantage that you need in digital or real world”

what can we do together?

We created our design lab to implement trends and changes in real time, we create new visual languages

“We combine the work consulting agency with trendhunting using innovative design and technology we can create new visual ways to attract new clients”
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    This year we celebrate genorosity so we added some conversation starters as educational pack, enjoy!

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  • Augmented / virtual realities
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    Augmented / virtual realities

    Like it or not, the augmented reality is already a fact. The virtual? It’s perfect for your sad life. Can’t wait to see hard sell banners through the “all virtual realities” googles? But meanwhile how tempting is creating everything that you want from the scratch? Your own paradise? Godlike?

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  • NFT / what changed if so in global art market?
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    NFT / what changed if so in global art market?

    What is NFT? Imagine that You missed whole year and never heard of nft, then start the research from wikipedia, you get some interesting stuff right from the begining… Promoting through the “exaggeration of unnoteworthy facts” You say? Ok. So up we go through to the facts. NFT is a non-fungible token, a unit of…

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  • When we got lost?
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    When we got lost?

    Cyber dark ages, technocracy, end of the democration and humanitarianism. What difference does it make if you can’t read or simply you can’t keep up with the ever changing cyber reality. What life has to offer if one don’t realize the dependencies that rule the digital world. How much do should one pay for the…

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hellllo :)

trend & human research

colaboration/ reports

DEsign Lab


  • ethnic


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    In the world of plastic consumption and concrete landscapes We want to turn back to our roots We want to change our lives and the space around us We want to know more We travel We want to taste different culture By this we search our own place  

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  • Invisible


    Photo project by Vittorio Ciccarelli titled “invisible project #1” view Artist portfolio here

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  • Luxury games

    Luxury games

    Now more thant ever brands noticed that clients want highly personalised and unique experience.

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  • Form


      “It was like a little trap, and the wind would blow weird shit in there that accumulated outside my studio,” van Woert says. “Anything from Doritos bags to Monster Energy drink cans. The DNA of the world outside.” It was his most literal manifestation of the mantra that drives most of his practice: You…

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  • Art shoots

    Art shoots

    “Last year I went to Art Basel in Miami” says Kris Van Assche, Dior Homme’s creative director. “It was such a huge contradiction between the art scene and the general scene in Miami – you couldn’t have a bigger one. The contrast of having formal exhibition openings on the beach, of having to wear a…

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  • Use in Art

    Use in Art

    Langdon Graves is a Brooklyn Based Sculptor and Artist, as well as a lecturer at the Parsons Institute for Art and Design.  Her work takes on a unique aesthetic that mixes meticulous detail with the deconstruction of form, producing a collection of work that is personal and that dives deep into the human See all…

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